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Not Interested

Continuing our Analogous Apologetics series, in this post we will respond to the statement: “I’m just not interested, not interested in God.”

The Analogy

Imagine, you had a sister who swore off food altogether.

You would go to the restaurant; she would just order water. You would prepare dinner for her; she wouldn’t even “lift a fork.” 

Time passes, and as she becomes more and more emaciated, you finally work up the courage to ask her what’s going on. She tells you: “I’m just not interested in food.”

Is she telling the truth?

In one way, she is. She’s not interested in food because of some other interest (whether to look skinny, or “send a message,” etc…).

In another way, she isn’t telling the truth. She’s not uninterested in food because her deteriorating body and hunger prove that she’s not uninterested. She’s desperately interested in food because (physically speaking) she was made for it.

And so it is with God.

The Explanation

Man cannot live without God because he was made for God, just as the body was made for food. Without food, the body deteriorates, and so does man without God.

He deteriorates into those various and vain interests which enslave him because he has sworn off the One interest that can satisfy him. To feed on the world is to go hungry, and it is that hunger that proves that something is missing.

We want it all, and so only the All can satisfy us. We are not uninterested in God. We’re uninterested in anything less.

(For a concise proof of the existence of God, see the post: God as Existence)

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